Eye on Water

The District is in the process of changing over to new Badger meters throughout the District. As the meters are changed out, you will receive a notice either in the mail or e-mail with instructions on how to sign up for an Eye On Water account. Aboveis the link to the instructions as well.

Eye On Water will work with certain water meters to let you see your latest water usage or set leak alerts. Understand how much water you use, detect leaks, and discover trends for when you use the most water. You can use Eye On Water on the web or one of the mobile apps, but to be notified that you have a potential leak you need to set a Leak Alert. If you have more than one meter on your account, you will need to set an alert for each meter.

These meters rely on cellular networks to transmit a daily text with the consumption data. Areas of San Lorenzo Valley that have poor cell service may not be able to have a compatible meter for this feature. The District hopes to have all customers on Badger meters by the end of 2025. If you have not received a notice from us, you most likely do not have this meter yet, but you can always contact Customer Service to confirm.