Transparency Center

SLVWD is dedicated to the notion that our customers have a right to a transparent government and easy access to information. The District looks to identify transparency through actions and evidence in such areas as current ethics training for all Board Members, conduct regular financial audits, conflict of interest policy, annual water quality reports, how to request public records, compensation reports, and many others.

Compensation Report

In compliance with state law, SLVWD submits an "Employee Compensation Report" to the California State Controller's Office each calendar year. The report contains the wages and benefits for all SLVWD employees and Board Members.

Financial Reports

The District works with an accredited auditor to complete a comprehensive review of the District's Financial Statements. SLVWD issues a report called a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or CAFR. The report highlights major projects and initiatives in addition to financial data. Click here for the Annual Financial Reports. 

In compliance with state law, SLVWD submits a “Special Districts Financial Transaction Report” to the State Controller’s Office within seven months after the close of a fiscal year. SLVWD's Financial Transaction report and other information is made available on the California State Controller's office website.

Water Quality Reports

This annual Consumer Confidence Report includes information on sources of water distributed by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District and includes a summary of the water quality tested in the respective year.  This report is intended to inform customers of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District about their drinking water quality. Click here for the Water Quality Reports.

Public Records Request 

The public has a right to access documents, publications and information produced by government agencies, California Public Records Act (Government Code § 6250 et seq.). You may want to begin by searching the website for the document. Click here for the Guidelines and Request Form.

Enterprise System List - SB 272

In compliance with state law, the District makes publicly available a catalog of application software (“Enterprise System”) that is used enterprise wide. Click here for more information.

Board of Directors and Agendas & Minutes

To see the most current listing of Board Members and their related ethics training, click here.

To see the District's Board and Committee agendas and minutes, click here.