Rebate Program

Indoor Rebate Incentives

Toilet Rebate

The San Lorenzo Valley Water District is offering two residential toilet rebate options ranging from $75 up to $200 depending on the size of the toilet you replace.

All toilets must be EPA WaterSense® approved. Toilet replacements must be inspected by staff at SLVWD and old toilets cannot be reused. Participants must agree to relinquish their old toilet(s) to SLVWD staff upon inspection

Complete rebate eligibility requirements are listed on the toilet rebate application.

High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebates

The District continues to offer a credit of up to $100 to District customers who purchase and install a High-Efficiency Clothes Washer.


  • To qualify, washing machines must be new and Energy-Star Compliant.
  • A separate application is required for each clothes washer being installed.
  • You must request, complete, and return the high-efficiency clothes washer credit application to the District, with attached original receipt, within 60 days of the date on the application.
  • For the lifetime of your account, your combined credits for toilets and High-Efficiency Clothes Washers cannot exceed $400.

Complete rebate eligibility requirements are listed on the High Efficiency Clothes Washer rebate application.


Greywater Irrigation System

Receive a rebate of up to $150 per laundry to landscape system and up to $150 per household for a dual plumbed system, when you install a greywater system to irrigate your landscape. The rebate applies to residential buildings only.

Complete rebate eligibility requirements are listed on the greywater system rebate application. Learn more about greywater systems here.

Greywater systems must meet all applicable state and local requirements to prevent potential health threats and environmental contamination. Please refer to the information below (see Greywater System Regulatory Requirements) regarding state and local greywater system requirements.

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller

Purchase and install a weather-based irrigation controller and receive a credit of up to $75 or $125, depending on the type of controller.

Weather-based irrigation controllers have clocks that use current weather information to automatically apply the appropriate amount of water to the landscape. They can be installed new or replace an existing controller.

There are two types of controllers:

  • Sensor-based controllers use on-site weather or solar sensors to create irrigation schedules (up to a $75 credit).
  • Signal-based controllers rely on daily weather updates received from satellite signals or require an internet connection to receive the information (up to a $125 credit).

Complete rebate eligibility requirements are listed on the Weather-Based Irrigation Controller rebate application.


The San Lorenzo Valley Water District wants you to know there are other credit programs outside the water district credit program that are available to Santa Cruz County Residents. Click here to learn more about the States rebate offerings.

Funding has been fully committed for 2019. Please continue to check this website for funding changes and program updates.