High Bill

If you have discovered an active leak and need staff to turn your water off for repairs, please call (831) 338-2153 right away to help prevent further water loss.


If you have an unusually high water bill, the questions below may help you determine the cause of the high bill:
  • Is your water meter moving when all water is turned off? (See About Your Meter)
  • Are there any dripping faucets? Thirty drips per minute adds up to approximately 15 gallons per day.
  • Do you have a leaking toilet? The average leaky toilet can waste 200+ gallons of water per day.
  • Is there a leaking irrigation valve?
  • Do you have a sprinkler system? If so, is it on a timer? Is the timer operating correctly?
  • Were you gone for any number of days during the month in question (holidays, vacations)? If so, did somebody take care of your plants and/or animals for you?
  • Did you have out of town visitors or guest during this billing period?
  • Do you have a water softener? Is it the recycling type? Is it operating correctly?
  • Do you have an under-the-sink filter system? Is it operating correctly?
  • Does the handle on your toilet have to be jiggled to make the water stop running?
  • Do you have a hot tub or pool? If so, have you adjusted the float arm lately?
  • Did you fill your pool or hot tub this billing period?
  • Did you have your fire sprinkler system serviced?
  • Have you repaired any leaking faucets, water heaters, etc., lately?
  • Is there a recycling hot water unit? Is it operating correctly?
  • Are there any wet spots on the lawn or inside the home on walls, ceilings, etc.?
  • If you are a commercial customer (restaurant, convenience store, etc.), do you have a purifying water machine, "serve yourself" machine, or soft drink machine that might need repair or have experienced unusually high usage?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you may have found the reason for your increased water usage. Investigate further. Here is a useful link "Fix A Leak Guide".

If you can’t locate a leak yourself, a plumber or leak detection company should be consulted. Certain leaks may be eligible for a leak adjustment on your water bill if they are corrected in a timely manner, are not preventable, and repair documented and inspected. 


The District will grant an adjustment for a leak or unexplained high water use once per account every five years. Adjustments are applied as a credit to the customer's account.  If you have experienced a leak or unexplained high water usage, please fill out the Leak Adjustment Form and email back to customerservice@slvwd.com.