Lompico Assessment District

The Board of Directors of San Lorenzo Valley Water District established the Lompico Assessment District Oversight Committee, LADOC, in accordance with LAFCO resolution 953-A. On May 4, 2016, Lompico property owners voted in favor of a 10-year assessment district (AD 2016-1) to generate $2.75 million in revenue to repair, replace and upgrade infrastructure in the Lompico service area, as part of annexation to the District.

The purpose of the Committee is to review and oversee income and expenses related to construction projects in Assessment District AD 2016-1 Engineer’s Report, to serve as liaison for customers residing within the Assessment District boundaries of the former Lompico County Water District, and to inform the Board and public at least annually concerning the revenue and expenditure of assessment district proceeds and on the projects approved by the voters of Lompico within AD 2016-1, by issuing a written report.

Currently, the LADOC Committee meets for regular quarterly meetings to go over revenue, expenses and project updates. Below are the links to the agedas and minutes: