About the Department

The Finance department encompasses the responsibility for the day-to-day operations and oversight of Finance, Customer Service,  inventory, and the District’s purchasing functions. Some, but not all of the services are listed below:

  • All aspects of the District’s accounting process
  • Preparation of the District’s annual operating and non-operating budget
  • Preparation of the District’s comprehensive annual financial report
  • Payroll administration
  • Debt management
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Treasury management
  • Purchasing and inventory control

The Finance section of the department is primarily responsible for developing and administering the District’s fiscal policies and budget. Provides the District Manager and Board of Directors with periodic reports on the District’s financial condition.

Manages a centralized function for the purchasing, warehousing, and inventory control of material and supplies. Coordinates the annual audit of the financial records by an independent accounting firm. Prepares invoices for payments; prepares correspondence regarding various accounts; classifies and verifies invoice charges to the proper ledger and budget accounts.

May consult with District personnel concerning accounting records and procedures. Calculates and reviews current and historical cash flow projections, determines excess District funds, and makes recommendations for allocation and investment. Provides technical assistance and guidance for the management related to financial matters; articulates financial concepts to the Board of Directors, staff, and members of the public. Submits accounting reports required by the State Controller's Office and to other agencies. Prepares analyses of revenues, expenditures, water usage, CIP costs, and other special projects as required. Provides internal control of District financial and accounting and procedures.