About Your Bill


Water Bill: Billed monthly, made up of two types of charges:

  • Basic Charge – fixed amount based on you billing meter size
  • Consumption Charge – based on consumption of water used during the meter reading period. One unit of was is equal to 100 cubic feet, or 748 gallons.  

Sewer Bill: Billed monthly, by a fixed basic charge.

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Meters are consistently read and bills are issued as nearly as possible on the same day within each billing period. Bills are due on or before the due date specified on your billing statement. If for any reason you fail to receive a bill as scheduled, please notify the District office immediately. Charges continue in the name of the current customer until the District is notified of intent to discontinue service. 

Sample Bill

The bill sample featured represents a sample billing statement with most common items found on your bill: 

  1. Bill Stub: Please mail back with your payment
  2. Special Message: Provides important information regarding billing, rates and District activities. 
  3. Account Information: Provides account number, service address, service type, route number, billing period, bill date, and due date
  4. Meter Information: Provides read dates, prior and current meter reads, and number of units used in HCF.
  5. Billing Information: Shows current charges (basic charge, consumption charges, sewer basic charge) recent payments, adjustments, previous balance, and total amount due.
  6. Usage Information: A bar graph view of current and previous water use. You can compare this year’s use to last year at the same time. Provides current use in HCF and the average gallons per day and percentage change.
  7. Critical account information will be listed here such as No Checks or AutoPay.