Your Water

For over 75 years, the San Lorenzo Valley Water District has been delivering safe drinking water to approximately 7,900 connections. 

The District's mission is to provide our customers and all future generations with reliable, safe and high quality water at an equitable price; to create and maintain outstanding customer service; to manage and protect the environmental health of the aquifers and watersheds; and, to ensure the fiscal vitality of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.

Knowing about your water is important! The District has over 170 miles of pipeline, 39 tank sites and 30 booster pump stations serving the 36 pressure zones. The District relies on both surface water and groundwater resources, including nine stream diversions, one groundwater spring, and eight active groundwater wells. There is a water treatment plant located in Boulder Creek and one in Felton. Since 1990 the San Lorenzo Valley Water District has been distributing an Annual Water Quality Report to its customers.