Customer Water Audit

As of March 2020, the 'Free Water-Wise Audit' program is on hiatus until the Santa Cruz County shelter-in-place ordinance is ended. In the meantime we recommond the do-it-yourself guide at the bottom of the page. 

Free Water-Wise Audit for Your Home or Business

Want to reduce your family’s water use? The District can help you find ways to save water with a Water Wise House Call. As part of this free service, a SLVWD Water Conservation Specialist will walk with you through your home and property or business to help find ways to save water, help you set your sprinkler timer, and bring free water-saving tools like WaterSense high-efficiency showerheads, automatic shut-off nozzles for hoses, and aerators for sinks. They can even pre-qualify you for available rebates!
  • To schedule your free Water Wise House Call, please call (831) 430-4639

The District is offering a two-part program, which includes:

  • Water Wise Surveys, where we send a SLVWD Specialist to evaluate your home, business or landscape:
    • The audit report will show you available rebates and resources for installing water efficiency upgrades and offer you a comprehensive look at your water use to help you to save money on your bill.
    • Indoor - An indoor water audit focuses on kitchens, restrooms and break rooms (for commercial users). We will test the water flow rate of your faucets and install faucet aerators to improve water conservation. We will also check your toilets for leaks and write up a report to show you possible cost savings and rebates available to help cover the cost of the improvements.
    • Outdoor - An outdoor water audit focuses on the landscape and irrigation system. We will test your sprinklers, drip lines and sprayers to check for possible leaks and identify areas of improvement.
      • For outdoor commercial water audits, it is helpful to have a member of the facilities staff on site with the auditor to help answer questions about irrigation scheduling, the timer system and to help turn on the various irrigation stations.
  • Do-it-Yourself Water Wise Indoor Survey Kits, where you learn how to independently check your home for leaks and efficiency improvement opportunities:
    • To conserve water inside your home, the first step is understanding how much water you use and where to look for potential leaks. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Water Wise Indoor Survey Kit includes a step-by-step guide to teach you how to check for:
      • Sink/Shower flow rates,
      • Meter leak test,
      • Toilet leak test, and
      • General indoor leak information.
    • Download the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Water Wise Indoor Survey Guide here