Bear Creek Estates Wastewater System

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Welcome to the San Lorenzo Valley Water District's Bear Creek Estates Wastewater System Information Page. This page contains links to information specific to this neighborhood.

The District owns, operates, and maintains a wastewater system in Boulder Creek’s Bear Creek Estates, which serves approximately 56 homes. There are no direct wastewater system employees. The system is operated on a routine or as needed basis with direct staff being allocated from the Water Fund Operations & Distribution or Supply & Treatment Departments.

  • The system collects and treats domestic wastewater flow.
  • The existing collection system consists of 19 manholes, 2 cleanouts, approximately 3,600 linear feet of gravity sewer, 2,600 linear feet of force mains, 2 sewer pump stations and 56 laterals.
  • Initially constructed in 1985, it consisted of two (2) cast‐in‐place, underground concrete tanks, an influent pump station and an effluent pump station discharging treated effluent to a subsurface 2.3‐acre leach field.
  • From 2005 through 2013, the District completed several modifications aimed at achieving regulatory compliance and improved nitrogen removal efficiency. This resulted in the existing treatment septic system being modified to incorporate a 3‐stage trickling filter system, new internal recirculation/splitter/ball valves, and new air blowers with high capacity disc diffusers in the clarifier tanks.
  • Due to higher regulatory requirements, there is still significant improvements needed for the wastewater system.