Water Quality Update - Summer Water Source Change


Due to the impacts of the 2020 CZU Lightning Complex Fires and dry summer months, the District is switching over to using well water sources to supply its customers in its North system (Lompico, Zayante, Ben Lomond, Brookdale, and Boulder Creek). As a majority of the District’s surface water sources were damaged during the 2020 fires demand and paired with the dry summer months water demands can no longer be met with surface water alone and the District is relying on its Olympia wells. The Olympi,a wells have much higher dissolved mineral content than other District water sources.

These minerals include iron, manganese and carbonate hardness and are naturally occurring in well water. These minerals do not pose a health hazard but can affect the aesthetic qualities of water, such as taste, odor, and color.

The District uses free chlorine as a residual disinfectant throughout the water distribution system. Chlorine odors become stronger as the water temperature increases.  This can especially be noticed in the shower, or on hot days. 

As usual, if you think you are experiencing a water quality issue, never hesitate to contact the office at 831-338-2153 or learn more on our website